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"Cross Casa x Chicken Letter" All-you-can-eat All-you-can-eat Fried Champagne Gold Prix Gold Prize 980 yen!

"Cross Casa x Chicken Letter" All-you-can-eat All-you-can-eat Fried Champagne Gold Prix Gold Prize 980 yen!

980 yen

(Tax included) / per person

  • 2persons

【Cross Casa x Chicken Lie】 Tangled fried champagne grand prix gold prize for all you can eat at 980 yen! All you can eat menu is "three kinds of fried chicken, chicken soba, chicken wings"! If you reserve at 17 o'clock, at 980 yen All-you-can-eat 90 minutes! As a female girls' favorite meat festival, only females were supposed to be 980 assured.Men can also use +380 yen.90 minutes drink all you can afford + 1620 yen


Meat Bar Italian "Cross Casa" which more than 10,000 people used over 10,000 people in total for a total of 8.5 tons, and more than 100 stores throughout Japan, there are 1,200 in just 2 hours if you open in New York. In the meanwhile it is too tasty enough to sell out Tango fried "chicken smile" and a dream collaboration!

Of course, I stick to the delicious karate!

· Deep-fried Grand Prix Organized by the Japan Karate Friendly Association East Japan Soy Sauce Dales Gold Prize Winner

· After selling in New York, selling 1200 pieces in just 2 hours

· As a deep-fried specialty shop in Japan, stores are expanding nationwide

· In addition to opening stores overseas, we will go to deep-fried specialty shops represented by Japan

We collaborated with 'Chicken Lee' which has achieved numerous accomplishments such as

We will deliver delicious deep fried chicken!

Apart from fried chicken,

· Gold medal won "Chicken Namban"

Grand Prix from the 8th Grand Prix "Chicken Southbound Division" Best Champion Award-winning Chicken Nanban!

Sweet and sweet vinegar and tartar sauce are best matched on junior and fluffy chicken.

· Domestic delicious tappuri "Fried chicken wings"

A delicious gift made from delicious sauce to a fried chicken wings.It is a purport to extend one's hand.

As an all-you-can-eat menu of "chicken fried, chicken fried chicken, chicken wings"

I hope you enjoy yourself!

Reservation deadline
Coming to the store until the day 16 of the desired date
Available days for reservation
Monday - Friday and the day before holiday

2018/08/06 update