All you can choose Triple all you can eat 1570 yen Roast beef & pork & raw ham & spare rib from 4 kinds (Limited until 1900
All you can choose Triple all you can eat 1570 yen Roast beef & pork & raw ham & spare rib from 4 kinds (Limited until 1900
By using a coupon1570 yen

(Tax included) / per person

【Roast Beef & Raw Ham & Roast Pork & Spare Rib >> If you can order 【Triple Meat Festival all you can eat as you can choose】 by 9 o'clock, you can eat 9070 yen for 15 minutes at 90 o'clock! However, as for Saturdays and Sundays reservation OK! As women's girls' favorite meat festival, only female only 1570 yen was assured.Men can also use +380 yen.90 minutes drink all you can afford + 1620 yen


<You can enjoy 3 kinds of best meat from 4 kinds of all you can eat!>

The best hollow spare ribs are kept at a temperature of 63 ° C and sprinkle pork spare ribs in sauce slowly for 29 hours to perform vacuum low temperature cooking.

The feeling of honoro enough to be able to take the meat from the bones in a blanket becomes addictive.

The source is impregnated into each fiber of meat that became a holography, so that it is finished in a superb spare rib with better mouthfeel.

Roasted pork is also particular about meat.We use delicious three yuan pigs who grew up eating only good grain.The fat is white and the meat is pale beautiful cherry blossom color, delicate and deep umami and taste meat.

I thoroughly heat this superb meat thoroughly for 3 hours under vacuum low temperature.

Roast beef is applied 48 hours yoghurt and aged, then slowly vacuum low temperature for 3 hours at 58 degrees.By slowly taking time to pass the fire, we confined the meat's umami tightly in the meat.Please enjoy the best roast beef sticking to this commitment to the utmost.

The raw ham is also committed."Italian high-grade prosciutto" aged about 14 months.Mildly flavored over time by matured.Furthermore, the moisture escapes, and the umami condenses, and it is finished in the rich flavor with no salty mind.

If you request beef mountain nachos with half price 980 yen please write in the remarks.

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      Please tell me that you are "Folio" at the store visit
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      One pair once / 2 people or more / reservations required

    • Expiration date
      January 15, 2018 - January 31, 2018