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Roast beef 90 minutes with all you can eat 9 luxuries "Napoli Course" 5000 yen ⇒ 3000 yen 【Hot Pepper Limited】

3000 yen

(Tax excluded) / 1 person

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A super profitable course that you can have as much as you want for a roast beef with lamb meat and a high-class Italian ham ham.The lamp is the softest lean meat in the part of the thigh and may gain a higher rating than the loin.If you chew and spread the taste of the meat in your mouth, you can enjoy the original meat of meat.You can enjoy your time.We also accept charter.

Course menu

Roast beef 90 minutes free all course

Naples course 9 types

【1】 Roasted duck Balsamic sauce

【2】 Esca Bassh of white fish

【3】 Ratatouille with plenty of vegetables

【4】 Chopped chicken salad which can be eaten with a spoon

【5】 Italian basil chicken

【6】 Pizza Margherita

【7】 Beef Stew Risotto

【8】 All-you-can-eat beef roast beef

【9】 Today's dessert

(There are some changes due to purchase of appetizers)

All-you-can-drink course is available.2160 yen → 1950 yen (110 minutes)

* All you can eat is in 90 minutes

※ We will prepare birthday · memorial plate! If you wish, please reserve by telephone · WEB 3 days in advance.

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